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When the compiler compiles this code, the result is a type that has a number of fields and methods defined in it . You can easily see this by using the IL Disassembler tool (ILDasm .exe) provided with the .NET Framework SDK to examine the resulting managed module, which is shown in Figure 1-7 .

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//create subscription to the web service var currency = Observable.FromEvent<svcCurrencyConverter.ConversionRateCompletedEventArgs>(currencyClient, "ConversionRateCompleted"); currency.ObserveOn(Deployment.Current.Dispatcher).Subscribe(evt => { dblRate = evt.EventArgs.Result; txtStatus.Text = "The current rate is 1 " + lstConvertFrom.SelectedItem.ToString() + " to " + evt.EventArgs.Result.ToString() + " " + lstConvertTo.SelectedItem.ToString(); if (txtAmountToConvert.Text.Length>0) { Double decTotal = evt.EventArgs.Result * Convert.ToDouble(txtAmountToConvert.Text); txtTotalConverted.Text = txtAmountToConvert.Text + " " + lstConvertFrom.SelectedItem.ToString() + " = " + decTotal.ToString() + " " + lstConvertTo.SelectedItem.ToString(); } }, ex => { txtStatus.Text = "Sorry, we encountered a problem: " + ex.Message; } ); This code creates a subscription to all of the results returned by the currency converter service. It processes the results and shows the conversion rates requested on the screen, including multiplying the total amount to be converted by the conversion rate. If you would like to understand more about Rx.NET, skip to 18. Since the second part of this book is organized as a set of independent tutorials, the chapters in the second part do not have to be read sequentially, but should instead be referred to when needed.

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} - (IBAction)turnOnGreenLED:(id)sender { const uint8_t buf[2] = {0x98, 0x03}; [[EADAccessoryController sharedController] writeData:[NSData dataWithBytes:buf length:2]]; } - (IBAction)turnOffGreenLED:(id)sender { const uint8_t buf[2] = {0x98, 0x04}; [[EADAccessoryController sharedController] writeData:[NSData dataWithBytes:buf length:2]]; }

bootable logical drive by an operating system. MS-DOS could support only a single primary partition, but Windows Server 2008 can support four primary partitions on an MBR hard disk and 128 primary partitions on a GPT hard disk.

[System.Windows.Forms]System.Windows.Forms.TextBoxBase::Clear() IL_0010: //000127: //000128: ' Both are on one line to show how BPs can apply to part of a line. //000129: For i = 1 To 5 : For j = 1 To 5 IL_0011: ldc.i4.1 225 nop

2. In the Messages window, note that the transaction was rolled back because the DELETE failed and was terminated with error number 547 (whose error message appears at the top of the window). The INSERT error number was 0, so it apparently executed successfully, but was rolled back. (If you check the table, you ll find aaa is not a customer.)

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Lighting the room properly for a PowerPoint presentation can be a challenge. On the one hand, you want people to see the screen clearly, but on the other hand, you don t want the room to be so dark that people start to doze off. Some of the latest models of data projectors have brighter displays that allow the audience to see the images on the screen clearly without turning down the room lights. When you visit the room where you ll present, try out the projector and stand at the back of the room to review things from the perspective of audience members sitting there. Adjust the lighting so that everyone in the room can see the slides and see you clearly too. Ask a facilities manager to help if the lighting controls are not readily accessible or if you need additional lighting.

Figure 4-10. Login status 13. We can now click OK to add the group. This will complete the addition to SQL Server.

Classes defined in one language to be inherited and extended by classes defined in another language, including support for overriding virtual methods. Interfaces defined in one language to be implemented by types defined in another language. The instantiation and use of types written in other languages, including the passing of types defined in another language as parameters. The handling of exceptions thrown by components written in another language.

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