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So, applet download times grew and grew, because these new widget sets weren t part of the core Java platform, and Java archive (JAR) files were introduced to improve delivery time Eventually, each of the major browser vendors added its favorite component library to its virtual machine AFC, IFC, and WFC, to name just a few Yet all the libraries used different design models, and there were no true cross-browser standards Eventually, Sun Microsystems teamed up with Netscape Communication and other partners to create yet another library called the Java Foundation Classes, or JFC Part of JFC is something called the Swing component set This Swing component set is what this book is all about.. barcode generator free

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We have made every effort to keep mistakes, typos, and other errors out of this book, but we are all only human. We would love to hear what you think, where we could be clearer, or if you find mistakes or misprints. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail at You can also go to the Downloads area of the Apress site at to download the code from the book.

This book is focused on client-side RS. However, this chapter will provide insight on the other side, the server side. You ll get a brief overview of the mechanics required to manage reports hosted on the server side with your favorite client.

Note Later technologies were introduced to help people use the Swing components within a browser and

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NETWORKS CAME INTO EXISTENCE AS SOON as there was two of something: two cells, two animals and, obviously, two computers. While the overwhelming popularity of the Internet leads people to think of networks only in a computer context, a network exists anytime there is communication between two or more parties. The differences between various networks are matters of implementation, as the intent is the same: communication. Whether it is two people talking or two computers sharing information, a network exists. The implementations are defined by such aspects as medium and protocol. The network medium is the substance used to transmit the information; the protocol is the common system that defines how the information is transmitted. In this chapter, we discuss the types of networks, the methods for connecting networks, how network data is moved from network to network, and the protocols used on today s popular networks. Network design, network administration, and routing algorithms are topics suitable for an entire book of their own, so out of necessity we ll present only overviews here. With that in mind, let s begin.

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with web-based application delivery. These include the Java Plug-in ( plugin/) and Java Web Start ( Alternatives to Swing, like the SWT component set with Eclipse (, have also been created. These are not discussed here.

This chapter will familiarize you with the various Swing pieces. For starters, there is the component set. Without these, there is no Swing. Next, you ll peek at the world of event handling and layout management common to both AWT and Swing components. After that, you ll take a quick look at the undo/redo framework available within the Swing architecture. Then you ll explore the SwingSet2 demonstration provided with the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0 Development Kit (JDK 5.0) so that you can see some of the capabilities. Lastly, I ll point out where in the book all these capabilities are discussed in detail.

The body section is, by far, the most versatile of all three sections and is my favorite on the report design surface. I d even go so far as to say that anything and everything can be placed here from numbers to text to graphics, all information is welcome. Out of the many different possibilities, the following most often appear as content in the body section: Summary totals Transaction details Grouping and sorting of data

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