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A SCIENTIFIC ART Scienti c psychiatry is probably best regarded as originating around the nineteenth century, though like scienti c psychology it can trace its origins back over 2,000 years to the philosophers and medical practitioners of ancient Greece. Hippocrates spoke of mania, melancholia, phrenitis, hysteria, and paranoia and thought of these as medical disorders, probably brought about by an excess of one type or another of humor, or bodily uid (Routh, 1998). By and large, however, he recommended that patients with mental disorders be treated with kindness, soothing music, and rest. The Roman physician Galen (A.D. 129 198), promoted the view that the etiology of speci c disorders lay with excess humors, such as black bile, yellow bile, blood, and phlegm, which led to the treatment of the mentally ill with purges, vomits, bleeding, and expectorants; these were the treatments widely used in Western societies to the end of the eighteenth century. During the eighteenth century, there emerged on several fronts a different way of looking at people. The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 1778) argued that people are naturally good but that they are corrupted by their society. If allowed to develop naturally, or freely to experience the world and the consequences of their behaviors, a natural goodness or nobility would be expressed. Rousseau argued it was the arti cialities of the social order that drove people to despair and that a simple life, close to nature, was best. Clearly Rousseau s in uence can be seen today in natural remedies and holistic medicine. Moral treatment, treating the mentally disturbed with kindness and respect rather than with physical force, restraints, or harsh medications, began to be practiced toward the end of the eighteenth century. In France, Philippe Pinel (1745 1826),

ean 128 barcode

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impedance measurements (sometimes called electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) are important in studying electrode dynamics. Generally in this method, a sinusoidal voltage (10 2 to 105 Hz) is applied to the cell, the phase angle and the amplitude of the response current are measured as a function of

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26 packages returned for GS1-128 ... NET Windows desktop apps (WinForms & WPF) which empowers your own apps by ... NET - Windows Forms VB Sample. generate gs1 128

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choices of a moral nature primarily on an intuitive level or a criticalevaluative level (Hare, 1981; Kitchener, 1986) Choices made on the intuitive level are based on people s immediate feeling responses to situations, along with personal beliefs about what they should or should not do (Kitchener, 1986, p 309) Psychologists, however, have special obligations when making ethical choices in the context of a professional relationship (Haas & Malouf, 1989) In the provision of psychological services, decision making on a critical-evaluative level is consistent with sound professional practice The critical-evaluative level of ethical decision making involves following a systematic procedure This procedure may involve the exploration of feelings and beliefs, but also includes consideration of general ethical principles and codes of ethics, and possibly consultation with colleagues.


gs1 128

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Psychologists need to be aware of their own feelings and values and how they may influence their decisions (Hansen & Goldberg, 1999; Newman, 1993) However, reliance on feelings and intuition alone in professional decision making may result in poor decisions or confusion (Corey et al, 1998; Kitchener, 1986) How do we evaluate whether a course of action is ethical or unethical Haas and Malouf (1989) suggest an act or decision is likely to be viewed as ethical if it has the following characteristics: (a) The decision is principled, based on generally accepted ethical principles; (b) the action is a reasoned outcome of a consideration of the principles; and (c) the decision is universalizable, that is, the psychologist would recommend the same course of action to others in a similar situation (pp 2 3).

Ecological Assessment 438 Tensions around the Need to Address Diversity in Ecological Research 439 PREVENTIVE INTERVENTIONS 440 Prevention as a De ning Focus for Community Psychology 441 Tensions around Two Types of Prevention Research: Prevention Science and Action Research 442 CONCLUSION 443 REFERENCES 444

The consequences of the course of action chosen must also be considered namely, will the action chosen result in more good than harm Evaluation of whether a course of action is ethical thus involves consideration of characteristics of the decision itself (ie, based on accepted principles, universality), the process of decision making (ie, reasoned), and the consequences of the decision Eight-Step Problem-Solving Model Sinclair observed that some ethical decision making is virtually automatic and the individual may not be aware of having made an ethical decision In other situations, ethical decision making is not automatic but leads rapidly to an easy resolution, particularly if a clear-cut standard exists However, some ethical issues require a time-consuming process of deliberation (1998, p 171).

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ean 128 barcode

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