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Word Barcode Generator Add-In Tutorial
How to Create Linear & Matrix Barcode Images on Microsoft Office Word Document
Barcode Generator Add-In for Word - Benefits
Word Barcode Creation Plug-In is always used to insert barcode images in Office Word document for mail merge. And it also supports creating barcode labels within barcode setting panel.
Code 128, Code 39, EAN-13, GS1-128, UPC-A
Barcode Generator Add-In for Microsoft Word - Guide
As a mature barcode generator, Word Barcode Creation Add-In helps users draw barcode images in word document for mailing. And it is also simple and quick to create barcode label in Office Word. The user tutorial about barcode creation is provided by Aspper for users.

How to Install Word Barcode Generator Add-In

  1. Please download free Word Barcode Generation Add-In trial version and unzip it.
  2. Make sure that all your Microsoft Office Word programs are closed before installation.
  3. Click setup file in the downloaded package to install this word barcode generator plug-in.
  4. After click several "Next", this barcode generator addin is installed.
  5. Now you can generate your needed barcode images in your Word document.

How to Generate Barcodes in Microsoft Word Document

  1. Open a new Office Word document, and then move to "Add-Ins" tab.
  2. Click "Create Barcode" to activate this addin. And immediately the barcode setting panel will appear on the document.
  3. Choose the required barcode type, and input encodable data within this setting panel.
  4. Click "Generate". Now, a required barcode is generated. Click "Delete" to remove it if necessary.
  5. With "Update" button, you can make adjustments for the inserted barcode images by revising property values.

How to Create Barcode Label for MS Word Document

  1. Open a Word document to activate the barcode setting panel, and select or create a recipient list.
  2. Switch to "Mailings" tab and in the "Start Mail Merge" pull-down list click "Labels".
  3. Choose the style of the table in the pop-up window and click "OK". Click "Update" in the setting panel for your required first barcode label.
  4. After that, click "Update Labels" and all the rest labels are automatically and successfully filled with the same barcode.

How to Generate Barcodes for Mail Merge in Office Word

  1. Switch to "Mailings" tab in the menu bar and click "Select Recipients" to type or use a recipient list.
  2. Click "Generate" in the setting panel to generate your target barcode images on word document.
  3. And now switch back to "Mailings" tab and click "Finish & Merge".
  4. Choose your needed service: edit individual documents, print it out or send email messages.