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Modify PDF-417 Image Size using Barcode Library/SDK for Web Application
Generate Barcodes with Customized Size in ASP.NET Web Form/Sites
How to Set PDF-417 Barcode Size using Winforms Barcode Library /SDK
With PDF-417 ASP.NET Barcode Library/SDK provided by Aspper.com, users is able to generate barcode images with customized size into web applications. This barcode library is fully written in C#.NET 2005 and easy to generate barcode in VB.NET, C#, Managed C++ and Borland Delphi for .NET.
PDF-417 barcode image generated could be drawn directly into graphics objects or printer devices in the highest possible resolution. Barcode size, image, ending data of PDF-417 could be easily modified by changing barcode property.
PDF-417 Size Setting in ASP.NET using C#, VB.NET Class Library

Set up Requirements

PDF-417 Windows Forms barcode generator/SDK is an easy to use barcode control which fully integrated into .NET applications. Make sure you complete installation of the below items before barcode generation:

Download & Installation

Aspper.com provides free trial package and optional Visual C# & Visual Basic code sample to generate PDF-417 in ASP.NET applications. It is easy to install this barcode library follow the steps below:
  1. Download free trial ASP.NET evaluation package and unzip it
  2. Add "Aspper.aspnet.matrixbarcode.dll" to your ASP.NET project reference
  3. Add "Aspnet.Matrix" to Visual Studio toolbox using drag-and-drop implementation method
Size Setting Related Properties of PDF-417
PDF-417 barcode generator for ASP.NET allow customization of barcode size including number of columns and rows of PDF-417, barcode height, width, margin etc. through .NET programming. .NET users have full access to barcode properties:

PDF-417 Special

PDF417RowCount --- Set the number of columns of PDF-417 ranges from 1 to 30.
PDF417ColumnCount --- Modify the number of rows of generated PDF-417 ranges from 3 to 90.

Basic Size Setting

Resize --- Set it to true, PDF-417 barcode size will be resized if manual setting does not meet its barcode specification.
BarcodeHeight --- Modify PDF-417 barcode height using C#, VB.NET codes.
BarcodeWidth --- Entire barcode image width of PDF-417.
X --- Set Barcode module width (narrow bar).
Y --- Set the 2D barcode module height.
BarWidth_X --- Adjust the width of the barcode narrowest bar.
BarHeight_Y --- Customize the height of the PDF-417 barcode bar.
HoriBarAlignment --- Using this property to set bar alignment of barcode. Valid values are Center, Left, and Right.
MeasurementUnit --- Modify unit of measure for PDF-417 in Cm, Inch, and Pixel.

Margin Setting

BottomMargin --- Set PDF-417 barcode top margin using C# or VB.NET codes.
LeftMargin --- Width of the barcode left margin of PDF-417.
RightMargin --- Set width of the PDF-417 barcode right margin using .NET barcode control.
TopMargin --- Using the parameter to adjust height of the PDF-417 barcode top margin using C# or VB.NET codes.