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Generating QR Code with Target Data Using ASP.NET Barcode Generation Library/SDK
QR Code ASP.NET Barcode Web Server Library is a drag-and-drop control that easily generates dynamic QR Code barcode images with target data based on ISO/IEC 18004:2006. This .NET barcode generator helps you creates extremely accurate barcodes in web application.
.NET barcode generation SDK provided by Aspper.com includes a property setting panel to change barcode data, size and image in ASP.NET or Winforms application. Or modification can be completed using VB.NET or C#.NET codes.

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Set up Requirements

Aspper.com provides complete tutorial and complex configuration & special barcode know-how are not required. Just install the following items if before QR Code generating in ASP.NET web application.

Download & Installation

Aspper.com provides detailed guideline for .NET users to add and print QR Code barcode symbology in ASP.NET application. Details please refer to:
  1. Download free ASP.NET evaluation trial package and unzip it on developer's computer
  2. Add "Aspper.aspnet.matrixbarcode.dll" to web project reference
  3. Add "Aspnet.Matrix" to your Visual Studio toolbox then drag-and-drop it to web form
Relating Data Properties of QR Code
QR Code .NET barcode generation library for ASP.NET includes a property panel to modify data parameters. Or this could be completed using Visual Basic/C#.NET code sample listing provided by Aspper.com.

Barcode Type

MatrixBarcode --- Set barcode type as QR Code using this property.

Valid Character Set

EncodeData --- Able to encode target data in QR Code based on ISO/IEC 18004:2006.

QR Code Special

ApplicationIndicator --- Use this property to specify the barcode encoded is GS1 compatible QR Code.
QRCodeDataMode --- Set target data mode encoded in QR Code barcode symbology.
QRCodeECL --- Error correction level of QR Code which ranges from L, M, Q and H.
QRCodeECI --- Utilizing QR Code column Extended Channel Interpretations.

Apply Tilde

ApplyTilde --- Utilize the tilde character (~) to encode GS1 Application Identifiers.