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Generates Data Matrix Barcodes with Target Data using ASP.NET Barcode Generator
Data Matrix Data Encoding via C# or VB.NET Codes using Barcode SDK for Windows Forms
Data Matrix Barcode Data Encoding Using ASP.NET Barcode Generator/SDK
Data Matrix .NET barcode generation library/SDK is a robust barcode component helps you add barcode generating and printing capabilities into web form and web site. Once installed, the barcode generator may be sized and parameters can be set to meet required specifications.
Aspper.com provides free trial version and VB.NET & C#.NET code sample to generate Data Matrix with target size, image and data in ASP.NET or Winforms .NET application.

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Data Matrix Data Encoding in ASP.NET with C#, VB.NET Class Library

Set up Requirements

It is easy to generate Data Matrix based on ISO/IEC 16022:2006 with target encoding data using .NET barcode component. Make sure you complete the installation of the following items:

Download & Installation

Data Matrix .NET barcode generation library is an easy-to-use barcode component which could be installed in .NET environment within few clicks. Details please refer to:
  1. Download free ASP.NET evaluation trial package and unzip it
  2. Add "Aspper.aspnet.matrixbarcode.dll" to your web project reference
  3. Add "Aspnet.Matrix" to your Visual Studio toolbox then drag-and-drop it to web form
Relating Data Properties of Data Matrix
.NET users are able to modify Data Matrix barcode parameters like encoding data modes, target data, tilde function etc. by changing related barcode properties.

Barcode Type

MatrixBarcode --- Set target barcode type to Data Matrix.

Encodable Character Set

EncodeData --- Input target data according to application requirement using this property.

Data Matrix Special

ApplicationIndicator --- Apply this property to specify the barcode encoded is GS1 compatible Data Matrix.
DataMatrixDataMode --- Encode Data Matrix using ASCII, Auto, Base256 and C40 data mode.


Fnc1 --- Utilizing the FNC1 function to encode the GS1 compatible Data Matrix.

Apply Tilde

ApplyTilde --- Tilde functions allow easy encoding of returns, tabs and other functions such as GS and RS functions between fields in a single barcode symbol.