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Barcode Image
Generate Dynamic UPC-A Barcode Images using Barcode Library/SDK for ASP.NET
UPC-A Barcode Image Setting in Web Application using C# or VB.NET Codes
Create Dynamic UPC-A Barcode Image with Code Sample using ASP.NET Barcode Library
UPC-A ASP.NET barcode generator is capable to mapped barcodes in high quality image format of JPEG/JPG & TIFF, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG and and WBMP (Wireless Bitmap). All assemblies and C# source code provided are 100% managed code created in .NET 2.0.
Users are able to change barcode size, data and image of created UPC-A using C#.NET or VB.NET programming. Developers are have full access to the UPC-A barcode property.
Create Dynamic UPC-A Image in ASP.NET with C#, VB.NET Class Library

Set up Requirements

UPC-A ASP.NET barcode control/library is easy to create barcode in applications including ASP.NET web site, Web Services, ASP.NET Web Forms, IIS and native Crystal Reports. Make sure installation of following items is complete:

Download & Installation

PUC-A barcode library allows different implementation methods. It could be easily generated by Visual Studio (2005/2008/2010) and IIS. Barcode images are inserted into ASP.NET web pages by displaying a dynamic URL by using IIS.
  1. Free to download ASP.NET evaluation package and unzip
  2. Add "Aspper.aspnet.matrixbarcode.dll" to your Winforms project reference
  3. Add "Aspnet.Matrix" to Visual Studio toolbox using drag-and-drop implementation method
Properties Relating to UPC-A Image Setting
Aspper.com provides C#, Visual Basic .NET code example list on how to generate and print dynamic UPC-A and UPC-A 2/5 digits add-on barcode images. It is easy to adjust relating parameters using Visual C sharp and Visual Basic class library.

Format of Image

ImageFormat --- Print and save UPC-A barcode images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats.
Resolution --- Image resolution option allows customization of the images created to support reading small barcodes with barcode scanners.
Rotation --- Assign UPC-A barcode image in 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees orientation.

Color of Image

BackColor --- Set color of background for generated UPC-A barcode.
ForeColor --- Set color of foreground for UPC-A barcode image.

Text of Image

DisplayText ---Enable or disable the human-readable interpretation under UPC-A images.
TextColor --- To set human-readable interpretation color using C# & VB programming.
TextDistance --- Set space between the barcode symbol and its human-readable text of generated UPC-A.
TextFont --- Reasonable alternative type fonts is acceptable provided the interpretation is clearly legible of UPC-A.