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Barcode Data
Set UPC-A Barcode Data using Winforms Barcode SDK
UPC-A Data Setting via C# or VB.NET Class Library using Barcode SDK for Windows Forms
How to Encode Barcode UPC-A Using .NET Barcode Generator/SDK for Winforms
UPC-A barcode library/SDK is a mature barcode generator which helps you encode target data into UPC-A and UPC-A 2/5 digits add-on in Windows Forms application. This .NET barcode library is compatible with Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET, Borland Octane Delphi.NET.
It is easy to modify generated UPC-A barcode size, image and data through Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET codes easily using Winforms .NET barcode library/SDK.
UPC-A Data Encoded in Winforms using C#, VB.NET Class Library

Set up Requirements

It is easy to generate UPC-A dynamic barcode image with target encoding date using .NET barcode library/SDK for Windows Forms applications. Make sure the installation is complete before UPC-A barcode generation.

Download & Installation

UPC-A .NET barcode library for Windows Forms is an easy to install barcode component which stays on Windows forms application once installed. Aspper.com provides detailed tutorial on:
  1. Download free Winforms trial package and unzip it
  2. Add "Aspper.win.linearbarcode.dll" to Winforms project in VB.NET or C#.NET
  3. Add "WinLinear" to Visual Studio toolbox and you can drag and drop it from toolbox to forms
Properties Related to UPC-A Data Setting
This page provides the details on how to encode the UPC-A/EAN-128 with target data in Winforms application using C# & VB.NET class library. Or barcode properties could be easily changed using property setting panel.

Barcode Type

LinearBarcode --- Set target barcode type to UPC-A using this property.

Valid Character Set

EncodeData --- Set the target encoding data according to application requirement.

UPC-A Special

SupplementCode--- It is easy to encode supplementary information into UPC-A 2/5 digits add-on in Windows Forms.


CheckSum --- You are able to enable or disable the checksum digit of UPC-A using this property.