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Barcode Overview
UPC-A .NET Barcode Generator/Library for Winforms
Generate Dynamic UPC-A and UPC-A with add-on symbol in .NET Windows Applications
UPC-A Barcode Generator/SDK for Winforms - Overview
UPC-A Winforms .NET Barcode Class Library is provided by Aspper.com for .NET Winforms developers to encode and print UPC-A and UPC-A supplementary bar codes in .NET application. The generator is a quality Winform control DLL that prints dynamic UPC-A barcode in high quality images. The mandatory check digit is computed and generated automatically by UPC-A Barcode Generator. Therefore, you only need to input 11 data digits for each UPC-A.
UPC-A is the most widely used barcode symbology in North American. It labels Global Trade Item Numbers on products so that they could be tracked and managed easily. All of data in UPC-A is numeric. There are 12 digits in each UPC-A. One of them is the mandatory check digit.
Aspper.com helps .NET programmers to generate most popular dynamic linear and 2D barcodes in Winfroms applications using barcode library for .NET projects. Complete information & free trial package are provided.

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UPC-A Barcode Generator for Winforms - Benefits
Aspper.com provides detailed information for Winforms and powerful barcode generators for creating dynamic Data Matrix barcode symbolgoy into .NET applications.
How to Generate UPC-A in Windows Forms

How to Drag & Drop UPC-A Barcode Generator Control to Winforms

  1. Download Barcode Generator for Winforms and install it in your .NET IDE.
  2. Add the Winforms control to the Toolbox
  3. Drag and drop installed control to your Winforms
  4. Select UPC-A in Symbology property to use UPC-A Barcode Generator
  5. Start Debugging to preview the UPC-A
  6. Redefine values of UPC-A properties

How to Draw UPC-A using .NET Class

  1. Install Winforms Barcode Generator
  2. Add the Winforms DLL to .NET project reference
  3. Use the BarCode class to print UPC-A in your .NET Class
  4. Add the following C#.NET code or VB.NET code to your .NET class:
C#.NET Sample Code:
BarCode barcode = new BarCode(); 
upca.Symbology = Symbology.UPCA;
upca.Data = "12345678901";
upca.BarcodeImageWidth = 175;
upca.BarcodeImageHeight = 50;<
upca.X = 6;
upca.Y = 6;
.AutoResize = true;
VB.NET Sample Code:
Dim upca As Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode = New Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode 
upca.Symbology = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Symbology.UPCA
upca.Data = "12345678901"
upca.BarcodeImageWidth = 175
upca.BarcodeImageHeight = 50
upca.X = 6
upca.Y = 6
upca.AutoResize = True

How to Add Supplement barcode beside UPC-A

If supplement barcode are to be used beside UPC-A, please select UPCASup2 or UPCASup5 instead of UPCA. UPCASup2 is for 2-digit supplement barcode and UPCASup5 is for 5-digit supplement barcode. Then, you should input supplementary data in SupData property.