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Code 128 Barcode Generator/Library in VB.NET - Overview
Code 128 .NET barcode generation control supports to produce high quality code 128 in varies VB.NET applications including VB.NET Windows Forms, VB.NET class and console applications, VB.NET crystal report and SSRS reporting service using VB.NET. Code 128 barcode controls do not use fonts; they function as a dynamic graphic image in high flexibility to generate fantastic code 128 barcodes. The generated code 128 is completely compatible with the latest code 128 ISO standard ISO/IEC 15417.

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It is possible to generate and pritn most popular dynamic linear and matrix barcodes in Windows Forms applications using VB.NET barcode class library.

Linear barcodes: Code 39, EAN-13, GS1-128,UPC-A

2D barcodes: Data Matrix,PDF-417,QR Code
Code 128 Barcode Generator for VB.NET - Benefits
Code 128 Barcode Generation Library for .NET Applications
Aspper.com provides complete information of guideline to generate dynamic Code 128 barcodes into .NET applications and report solution using VB.NET Class Library.
How to Generate Dynamic Code 128 Barcodes in VB.NET Applications
  1. First, download VB.NET barcode control and unzip.
  2. Then, copy the barcode dll to the project folder. Do not copy to the bin directory, visual studio will do so automatically.
  3. Last, add Aspper barcode control dll to project reference. To achieve this, you should open visual studio, find the solution explore and reference, right click reference and select add reference, add the Aspper barcode control dll to reference.

Create, Draw and Print Code 128 barcodes in VB.NET Windows Applications

  1. Open your visual studio, find the toolbox in view menu and right click toolbox, select choose item.
  2. Find the .NET framework components tab, click browse, select the winforms dll, and click ok.
  3. After the several steps, you will find the barcode winforms in your Toolbox under General menu.
  4. Drag and drop the barcode winforms or drag and drop a button to form.
  5. Double click on the barcodes or the button, the page turns to code page.
  6. Encode the barcode symbology code 128 and data to generate certain barcodes.

Generate Code 128 Using VB.NET class

Dim barcode As Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode = New Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode
'4 type Code 128 encoding set: Auto, A, B, C, D
barcode.Symbology = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Symbology.Code128Auto
'Code 128 valid character set
barcode.Data = "5106CDE"
'Code 128 basic settings, including sizing, color, etc
barcode.UOM = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.UnitOfMeasure.Pixel
barcode.X = 6
barcode.Y = 6
barcode.BarcodeImageWidth = 175
barcode.BarcodeImageHeight = 50
barcode.Angle = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Angle.Degree0
barcode.AutoResize = True
'Code 128 text releted seeting, including color, font, margin
barcode.ShowText = True
barcode.TextColor = Color.BlueViolet
barcode.TextFont = New Drawing.Font("Arial", 9.0F, Drawing.FontStyle.Bold)
'Code 128 barcode image format set