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Mature & Reliable Barcode Add-in to Generate Code 128 Barcodes in Microsoft Word 2010/2007
Code 128 Word Add-In Overview
Aspper Code 128 Word Add-in is a Word add-in which allows you to generate Code 128 in Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Word 2007.
With Code 128 MS Word Add-In, you can create Code 128 in Word documents. The add-in could be installed quickly. Once installed, it can easily generate high quality Code 128 in Word documents. The installed Code 128 Word Add-In will be shown the Ribbon of Word. Word users could also add it to Quick Access Toolbar.
The add-In integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word. The embedded barcode generation function works well with Merge Mailing of Word. Batches of Code 128 barcodes could be printed quickly for mass mailings. Code 128 Barcode Add-In could also insert batch barcode labels into Word documents within seconds.
Code 128 Word Add-In Benefits

Auto Code Set

Code 128 includes three code sets, namely, Code Set A, Code Set B, and Code Set C. Auto code set (barcode type: CODE 128) helps you to select the code set for Code 128. With this intelligent function, you are able to deal with Code 128 code set easily and quickly.

Flexible Size Setting

With Aspper Code 128 Word Add-In, bar, space, and the whole image could be sized. With Bar width and Bar height, bar and space could be adjusted. Image width and Image height are used to scale the whole image.

Symbol Placement Setting

Some Code 128 have strict requirement of placement due to scanning environment. You can use Rotate and BarAlignment to make the generated symbol in the right place. Besides, you can increase the margins around the symbol using Left margin, Right margin, Top margin, and Bottom margin.

Text Setting

A string of text should be printed below each Code 128 symbol. Aspper Code 128 Word Add-In offers a full set of functions to customize the text. The font style and font size are highly customizable. You can also Bold, Italic, Underline, or Strikeout the text. Moreover, the text could be hidden for occasional need.
How to Generate Code 128 in Word


After Barcode Word Add-In Installation, open your Word document, and click the Add-Ins tab, and then click Create Barcode, the Barcode Settings panel will appear on the right.
Pull down the barcode type menu to select CODE 128. (If the Code 128 is in code set A, B, or C, select CODE 128 A, CODE 128 B, or CODE 128 C) Then, insert data into the data textbox, and click the Generate button. A Code 128 barcode image will be shown at the cursor.


Default parameters are used to generate the Code 128. We have to make proper customization over the barcode so that the generated Code 128 could meet its specified requirements. Please refer to Code 128 Word Add-In Features when you making the customization.

Code 128 Printing for Merged Mailing

First, edit the main body text and print the Code 128 in the main document. Then, click the Mailing tab and Select Recipients for the mass mailings. Eventually, click Finish & Merge and use these merged documents.

Code 128 Labels Printing

First, click the Mailing tab, select Start Mail Merge, and click Labels. Pull down the Product number menu to definer size of the label. Then, Select Recipients and add the Code 128 to the first cell of the table. Make adjustment of the Code 128 after the printing, and click Insert Merge Field, and then Update Labels on the Ribbon. A batch of Code 128 would be printed automatically within seconds.