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Barcode Overview
Code 128 .NET Barcode Generation Library for Crystal Reports
Create Dynamic Code 128 Using .NET Barcode Generator for Crystal Reports through C#/VB.NET Programming
Code 128 Barcode Generation Library in Crystal Reports
Code 128 barcode generator for Crystal Report lets you change field to barcode in Crystal Report by simple clicks. Crystal reports have the flexibility to be dynamic by using Dynamic data connections to connect with virtually any data source to build customized Crystal Report.
Aspper.com provides powerful barcode solution for creating Code 128 in web applications, WinForms, RDLC, Reporting Services, Microsoft Word and Excel etc. Most common used barcode generation generators are:
Code 128 Brief Introduction
Code 128 is a linear, bi-directional barcode symbology based on ISO/IEC 15417:2007. Code 128 is able to encode high density Code 128 is a linear, bi-directional barcode symbology. It is appended with mandatory check digit.
Code 128 Barcode Library/SDK for Crystal Report - Features

Installment & License

Code 128 barcode control/SDK for Crystal Reports is an easy-to-use barcode library used for barcode generation with VB.NET or C#.NET. This lightweight generation DLL will be stay embedded on reports once installed.

IDE & Environment

Aspper.com provides a robust barcode control to inserting barcode images using C#, VB programming in Crystal Reports. It is possible to maintain Barcode image on exported files such as PDF, Word, Excel and rich text formats.
Code 128 Implementation Methods for Crystal Report

Download & Installation

  1. Download Free evaluation package for Crystal Report and place it into the target folder
  2. Unzip it on the users computer
  3. Add reference: Add "Aspper.Barcode.CrystalReports" to your ASP.NET project reference
Class Library: Crystal Reports could be easily created in either C# or VB class library, details please refer to gudiline of Crystal Report.
Add Reference: Users could add barcode generation dll as reference on Crystal Reports and drag and drop barcode fields to the reports, details please refer to user guide of Crystal Report.