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UPC-A Barcode Library/SDK for Crystal Reports
How to Generate UPC-A Barcode Images in Crystal Reports Using VB.NET Codes
How to Generate UPC-A Barcode Images in Crystal Reports Using VB.NET Codes - Features
Aspper.com provides robust barcode generator/library for Crystal Reports which helps you integrate Crystal Reports with either a Windows Application or ASP.NET using Visual Basic Class Library. C# source code is provided to document reports on source code level.

Support Project Types:

.NET users get the power to create a reporting solution that takes user input and customizes Crystal Reports prior to printing it. It is easy to integrate Crystal Reports with .NET applications and each report will be treated as an object-oriented class.

.NET Technology:

Barcode generator for Crystal Reports was designed to work with most popular .NET Tools and Applications including Microsoft Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Windows Forms application. Barcode images could be inserted into native Crystal Reports in a reliable way.
.NET Barcode Generators to Create UPC-A Barcodes

It is easy to generate UPC-A and UPC-A Extended in Windows Forms, Web application, SQL Reporting Services, RDLC using Visual C# class library.
How to Create UPC-A Barcodes in Crystal Reports Using VB.NET Codes
Download free Aspper.Barcode.CrystalReports trial package and unzip it. Start Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 to create a new Crystal Reports project in VB.NET class library. .NET programmers are able to utilize ASP.NET or Winforms application templates in Visual Studio.

Create New Crystal Reports Project in Visual Studio

  1. Download Aspper.Barcode.CrystalReports free evaluation package and unzip it.
  2. Start Visual Studio and create a new Crystal Reports project using VB programming. In Crystal Report Gallery dialog box, accept the defaults of "Use Report Expert" and "Standard Report".
  3. Expand "Create New Connection" and choose "ADO.NET" in Data form and click "next".
  4. Select the "CustomerDataSet.xsd" in the downloaded package, and then click "Finish" in the "Connection" form.
  5. Add "Customer" table in the "Data" form, and then click "Next".
  6. Add all three columns available to "Customer" fields in the upcoming "Fields" form, and Click "Finish" button.

Add Reference for Crystal Reports

  1. Drag and drop field "Barcode" to the report Section 3.
  2. Go to .NET project solution explorer, and navigate to "Aspper.Barcode.CrystalReports Barcode.dll" and add it to the project reference.
  3. Then add "Aspper.Barcode.CrystalReports.dll" to your Crystal Reports project reference;

How to Create Barcode Images in Crystal Report Using .NET Control

  1. Right click "Default.aspx" in "Solution Explorer" and choose "View Code" to enter the code form.
  2. It is easy to generate UPC-A barcode images using Visual Basic codes.
  3. Modify barcode property if necessary using relating VB.NET codes.