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Barcode Overview
Code 128 .NET Barcode Generator for RDLC
Code 128 Barcode Generation SDK for RDLC reports
With Code 128 .NE barcode control for RDLC, it is easy to generate dynamic Code 128 barcodes based on ISO/IEC 15417 into client-side reporting using VB or C# barcode codes. C# source code fully written in C#.NET 2.0 is provided in purchased version. It is possible to maintain barcodes on exported PDF and html.
Developers could generate and print Code 128 into SSRS, Crystal Reports and also C#, Visual Basic .NET using .NET barcode generators provided by Aspper.com:
Code 128 Brief Introduction
Code 128 is an excellent alphanumeric linear barcode symbology. Code 128 is capable of encoding high-density data including all alphanumeric data and 128 characters of ASCII Character Set.
Code 128 Barcode Generator for RDLC - Features

Installment & License

Code 128 barcode generator for RDLC is an Easy-to-configure control & complex barcode know-how is not required. .NET users are able to document local reports at source code level.

IDE & Environment

High quality dynamic Code 128 barcodes could be easily added on RDLC reports and displayed on the web pages through ASP.NET applications. It is easy to adjust barcode properties via C# .NET and Visual Basic.NET in RDLC reports.
Code 128 Implementation Methods for RDLC reports/Client-side Reporting

Download & Installation

  1. Download Free demo package for RDLC and place it into the target folder
  2. Unzip it in the developer's computer and put it into target directory
  3. Add reference: Add "Aspper.aspnet.linearbarcode.dll" to your RDLC project reference
Class Library: .NET programmers could add class in client-side Reporting files easily to create Code 128, details please refer to user guide of RDLC.
Add Reference: Developers could add barcode generation SDK as reference to the RDLC files to generate Code 128, details please refer to user guide of RDLC barcode generator.