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EAN-13 RDLC .NET Barcode Generation Library/SDK
Dynamic EAN-13 Barcode Generation in RDLC Using C#.NET - Features
EAN-13 .NET barcode generation SDK is control designed to be used in RDLC reporting solution for barcode generating and printing using C#.NET codes. Rich barcode property options allow customization of the created EAN-13 and EAN-13 2/5 digits add-on. Free trial evaluation package and C#.NET code sample listing are available.
RDLC barcode control is compatible with Visual C# .NET, Borland Octane Delphi.NET and any development environment in the .NET framework that supports Windows Forms DLLs or ASP.NET web Controls.
Support 1D/Matrix Barcode Types for RDLC in C#
This .NET barcode control includes a property setting panel which enables you to change encode barcode types. Or you may also create following barcode linear and 2D barcodes using C#.NET codes:

Support Project Types:

Aspper.com provides powerful barcode generators to insert EAN-13 barcode images into RDLC integrated with .NET application. It is possible to maintain barcodes on exported files like PDF, Word, Excel etc.

.NET Technology:

EAN-13 barcodes may be printed or saved as graphic images without the use of fonts and these graphic barcode iamges can easily be sent to the low or high resolution printers. Once installed, the control may be sized and parameters can be set to meet required specifications.
How to Generate EAN-13 in RDLC Using C#.NET Codes
Download Aspper.Barcode download trial package for RDLC and unzip it on developer’s computer. Start Visual Studio and create new RDLC report project using C#.NET language.

Build RDLC Report in Visual Studio using C#.NET language

  1. Create WebForm: Start Visual Studio and choose C#.NET as selected language, create an ASP.NET web form project using C#.NET programming; (Or winforms application if necessary);
  2. Add reference: find the downloaded rdlc generation SDK package and add it as reference of the RDLC project;
  3. Add class: Move to the "Solution Explorer" then right-click the web application to add a class;
  4. Input C#.NET codes: Using C#.NET sample codes in the created class "APP_Code/Class1.cs" to generate barcodes;

How to Generate EAN-13 in RDLC Using .NET Barcode Control

  1. Add report: move to "Solution Explorer" button, and right-click the project to add a report;
  2. Insert table: Display the "Report Item" in Toolbox, and then insert a table into local RDLC report;
  3. Add data source: Move to "Website Data Source", add "Name" and "Price" items to the report;
  4. Create barcode column: Create a new "Barcode" column and drag and drop an Image item to it;
  5. Set properties: Set "MIMEType" to "image/jpeg", "Source" to "Database" and "Value" to "=Fields!Barcode.Value", and save the report;
  6. View Report: Then move to "Solution Explorer", click "Default.aspx" and "View Designer" menu;
  7. Drag-and-drop: Drag "View Designer" to the report, and then choose created report "Report1.rdlc".
  8. Preview the RDLC report: Run the report, generated EAN-13 barcode images will be displayed on the web page.