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Barcode Overview
Code 128 Barcode Generation Class Library for Window Forms
Create Code 128 Barcode Image for Winforms in VB.NET & C#.NET IDEs Using .NET Class Library/SDK
Code 128 Barcode Generator/Library for Winforms - Overview
Winforms Code 128 Barcode Class Generation Library is a barcode image generator to create Code 128 using C#, VB class library. Characters within Code 128 character set could be encoded using three code sets - Code 128 Code Set A, Code 128 Code Set B, and Code 128 Code Set C. Each Code 128 barcode symbols are precisely drawn in pixels. Therefore, Code 128 barcode images generated by Code 128 Barcode Generator for Winforms are with high readability.

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Code 39, EAN-13, GS1-128,UPC-A

Data Matrix,PDF-417,QR Code
Code 128 Barcode Generator/Library for Winforms - Benefits
Code Sets of Code 128
There are 107 symbols could be encoded by Code 128. They are 103 data symbols, 3 start codes, and 1 stop code. These symbols are included by code set A, B, and C. These three code sets could be mixed within one Code 128.
Aspper.com provides User Guide for Winforms and complete solution for generate dynamic Code 39 barcode symbolgoy into .NET applications.
How to generate dynamic Code 128 in Winforms

How to Drag & Drop Code 128 Barcode Generator Control to Winforms

  1. Install the Barcode Generator DLL in Visual Studio
  2. Add the control DLL to the Toolbox
  3. Drag and drop barcode generator control to your Windows application
  4. Select Code128A, Code 128B, Code128C, or Code128Auto
  5. Start Debugging to preview the Code 128
  6. Customize the Code 128

How to Print Code 128 in C# & VB Class Library

  1. Install Winforms Barcode Generator
  2. Add Code 128 Generator for Winforms DLL to .NET project reference
  3. Use the BarCode class to generate Code 128 in your Class Library
  4. Add the following C#.NET code or VB.NET code to your .NET class:
C#.NET Code:
BarCode code128 = new BarCode(); 
code128.Symbology = Symbology.Code128Auto;
code128.Data = "Code128";
code128.BarcodeImageWidth = 175;
code128.BarcodeImageHeight = 50;
code128.X = 6;
code128.Y = 6;
code128.AutoResize = true;
VB.NET Code:
Dim code128 As Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode = 
New Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode
code128.Symbology = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Symbology.Code128Auto
code128.Data = "Code128"
code128.BarcodeImageWidth = 175
code128.BarcodeImageHeight = 50
code128.X = 6
code128.Y = 6
code128.AutoResize = True