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Create high quality EAN-13, supplemental data EAN-13+2, EAN-13+5 with barcode control for VB.NET
EAN-13 Barcode Generator in VB.NET - Overview
Winforms EAN-13 barcode generation control for VB.NET is a mature and professional barcode component to generate EAN-13, EAN-13+2, EAN-13+5 in high quality. Any VB.NET applications such as VB.NET Winforms, VB.NET reporting services, VB.NET class library are available to generate EAN-13 with the installation of EAN-13 barcode control. Once installed, the control may be sized and parameters can be set to meet required specifications.
It is possible to generate and print most popular dynamic linear and 2D barcodes in Windows Forms applications using VB.NET barcode class library.

Linear barcodes: Code 128, Code 39, GS1-128,UPC-A

2D barcodes: Data Matrix,PDF-417,QR Code
EAN-13 Barcode Control for VB.NET - Benefits
EAN-13 Barcode Generation Library for .NET Applications
Aspper.com provides complete information of guideline to generate dynamic EAN-13 barcodes into .NET applications and report solution using VB.NET Class Library.
Create EAN-13 in VB.NET Applications

Installation of EAN-13 Barcode Control in Visual Studio

  1. First, download VB.NET barcode control and unzip.
  2. Then, copy the barcode dll to the project folder. Do not copy to the bin directory; visual studio will do so automatically.
  3. Last, add Aspper barcode control dll to project reference. To achieve this, you should open visual studio, find the solution explore and reference, right click reference and select add reference, add the Aspper barcode control dll to reference.

Generate EAN-13 Barcodes in VB.NET Class Library

Add EAN-13 barcode control dll to your VB.NET project reference.
'EAN-13 Barcode Basic Setting
EAN-13 valid data character set: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
EAN-13 valid data length: 13 digits, including the last check digit, which is automatically computed
Dim barcode As Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode = New Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode
barcode.Symbology = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Symbology.EAN13
barcode.Data = "510851085108"

'EAN-13 Supplement Data EAN-13+2, EAN-13+5 Set

barcode.Symbology = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Symbology.EAN13Sup5
barcode.Data = "510851085108"
barcode.SupData = "12345";
barcode.SupHeight = 0.6f;
barcode.SupSpace = 20;

'EAN-13 Barcode Size Related Settings
barcode.UOM = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.UnitOfMeasure.Pixel
barcode.X = 6
barcode.Y = 6
barcode.LeftMargin = 0
barcode.RightMargin = 0
barcode.BarcodeImageWidth = 175
barcode.BarcodeImageHeight = 50
barcode.Angle = Aspper.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Angle.Degree0
barcode.AutoResize = True

'EAN-13 Text Related settings
EAN-13 text related settings include text color, text font and whether to show the human-readable text.
barcode.ShowText = True
barcode.TextColor = Color.CadetBlue
barcode.TextFont = New Drawing.Font(("Arial", 11.0F, Drawing.FontStyle.Underline)

'EAN-13 Barcode Image Format Set