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PDF-417 Barcode Data Encoding in Winforms Application
PDF-417 Data Encoding via C# or VB.NET Codes using Barcode Generator/SDK for Windows Forms
Enocde PDF-417 Barcode Data in Winforms Using .NET Barcode Generator/SDK
PDF-417 Winforms barcode library/SDK provided by Aspper.com is a robust barcode component which encodes target date in PDF-417 using C# & VB.NET codes. The Winforms barcode library is a new drag-and-drop component that easily adds dynamic barcoding features into .NET applications.
Once installed, the Winforms .NET barcode library/SDK may be sized and parameters relating to barcode data, size and image can be set to meet required specifications.
PDF-417 Data Encoding in Winforms using C#, VB.NET Class Library

Set up Requirements

Before generate PDF-417 barcode symbology with target data in Windows Forms application, .NET users should complete installation of the following items:

Download & Installation

Aspper.com provides complete tutorial on how to install barcode component and how to generate PDF-417 using .NET barcode generator in Windows Forms.
  1. Download free Winforms trial package and unzip it
  2. Add "Aspper.win.matrixbarcode.dll" to Winforms project in VB.NET or C#.NET
  3. Add "WinMatrix" to Visual Studio toolbox and you can drag and drop it from toolbox to forms
Properties Related to PDF-417 Data Setting
This page provides the details on how to encode the PDF-417 with target data in Winforms application using C# & VB.NET class library.

Barcode Type

LinearBarcode --- Set target barcode type to PDF-417 using this property.

Valid Character Set

EncodeData --- Set the target encoding data according to application requirement.

PDF-417 Special

ApplicationIndicator --- It is easy to specify the barcode encoded is GS1 compatible PDF-417.
PDF417DataMode --- To set the data mode encoded in PDF-417 barcode symbology.
PDF417ECL --- Utilizing the error correction level of PDF-417 from 0 ~ 8.

Apply Tilde

ApplyTilde --- Tilde character (~).When enabled, the tilde character (~) is used to encode GS1 Application Identifiers.