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Barcode Size
How to Set EAN-13 Barcode Size using Barcode Library
Generate EAN-13 with Customized Size using C# or VB.NET Class Library for Windows Forms
Create Dynamic EAN-13 Barcode Images with Customized Size using Barcode SDK for Windows Forms
EAN-13 .NET Barcode Class Library helps users generate and print EAN-13 and EAN-13 2 or 5 digits add-on barcodes in Winforms applications using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008. It is easy to modify barcode parameters using VB or C# codes.
Aspper.com provides powerful .NET barcode generators to create EAN-13 in Windows Forms, ASP.NET, SQL Reporting Services, Native Crystal Reports etc. Most common used libraries are:
EAN-13 Size Setting in Winforms using C#, VB.NET Class Library

Set up Requirements

.NET programmers could run .NET barcode generator/SDK for Windows Forms smoothly in the development environment.

Download & Installation

It is easy to install EAN-13 barcode library easily with simple clicks. In this page we provide you detail barcode control tutorial of how to use .NET barcode control for Winforms to create EAN-13 barcodes.
  1. Download Winforms evaluation package for free and unzip
  2. Add reference: Add "Aspper.win.linearbarcode.dll" to your Winforms project reference
  3. Add to toolbox: To add "WinLinear" to your Visual Studio toolbox
EAN-13 Size Setting Related Properties
It is easy to set EAN-13 barcode image size through property setting panel in Visual Studio or VB.NET or C#.NET barcode codes. Details of barcode properties are demonstrated below:

EAN-13 Special

SupplementHeight --- To set the bar height of the supplement symbol of EAN-13. The value is the multiple of the bar height (Y).
SupplementSpace--- Set the separation between the end of the main barcode and the beginning of the supplement symbol of EAN-13.

Height & UOM

Resize --- Winforms barcode generator will reset EAN-13 barcode size when manual setting does not meet its barcode specification if you set this property to true.
BarcodeHeight --- Modify EAN-13 barcode height using C#, VB.NET codes.
BarcodeWidth --- Set the width of the entire barcode image.
BarWidth_X --- Adjust the width of the barcode narrowest bar.
BarHeight_Y --- Set the height of the EAN-13 barcode bar.
HoriBarAlignment --- Using this property to set bar alignment of barcode. Valid values are Center, Left, and Right.
MeasurementUnit --- Modify unit of measure for EAN-13 barcode property. Valid values are Cm, Inch, and Pixel.

Margin Setting

BottomMargin --- Easy to set the height of the barcode top margin using C# or VB.NET codes.
LeftMargin --- Using this property to set width of the barcode left margin of EAN-13.
RightMargin --- Using C# or VB.NET codes to set width of the EAN-13 barcode right margin using .NET barcode control.
TopMargin --- Using the parameter to adjust height of the EAN-13 barcode top margin.