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Barcode Overview
UPC-A .NET Barcode Generator for Reporting Services
How to Draw Dynamic UPC-A and Two/Five-digit Add-On in SQL Reporting Services Using .NET Barcode Generation DLL
UPC-A Barcode Library for Reporting Services/SSRS
SSRS barcode generation SDK lets you build powerful report solution with barcode generation capability using either Visual Basic or C# programming. It is easy to generate UPC-A and UPC-A 2/5 digits add-on using VB.NET&C#.NET codes. Free trial package is provided with simple code samples.
Aspper.com provides complete barcode solution for rendering UPC-A and UPC-A Two/Five-digit Add-On in various applications, among which are:
UPC-A Brief Introduction
UPC-A barcode is also called UPC 12 barcodes, which is a barcode symbology from EAN barcode family. Each UPC-A is constructed of a starting quiet zone, the number system, the manufacturer code, the product code, a check digit and an ending quiet zone.
UPC-A Barcode Generator for SSRS - Features

Installment & License

UPC-A barcode control for SSRS is a report library which generates barcodes in Microsoft Reporting Services reports as an integrated component, without the use of fonts. C# source code is provided in purchased version to document your applications at the source code level.

IDE & Environment

Aspper.com provides robust fully-integrated visual barcode designer for Visual Studio. This SSRS barcode generation library is easy to be used with many .NET applications.
UPC-A Implementation Methods for SQL Reporting Services

Download & Installation

  1. Download Free trial demo for SSRS and place it into the target directory
  2. Unzip it in the user's computer
  3. Add reference: Add "Aspper.Barcode.ReportingServices" to your SSRS project reference
Class Library: Customized Reporting Services could be easily generated in either C# or VB class library, details please refer to user guide of SSRS.
Drag and Drop: Barcode generation SDK is fully-integrated that you can drag & drop from the Visual Studio Toolbox onto your RDL reports, details please refer to user guide of SQL Reporting Services.