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Barcode Size
How to Set GS1-128/EAN-128 Barcode Size using Barcode Library for ASP.NET
Create Dynamic GS1-128 with Customized Size using ASP.NET Barcode Library
GS1-128 .NET Barcode Generator/Library is a web server control which designed is fully integrated into .NET framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0. Barcode library could be easily used in VB.NET, C#, Managed C++ and Borland Delphi for .NET.
GS1-128/EAN-128 barcode library/SDK is provided with Visual C# & Visual Basic code sample to customize barcode size in web form and web site. For barcode data encoding and image setting, please refer to:
GS1-128 Size Setting in ASP.NET using C#, VB.NET Class Library

Set up Requirements

It is easy to install and use GS1-128 barcode library to customize barcode image in web form and web site. Make sure you install the following items before barcode generation.

Download & Installation

GS1-128/EAN-128 barcode library for ASP.NET is used for rendering barcode images into web pages and web applications. Aspper.com provides professional information on how to install and use barcode control in ASP.NET application.
  1. Free to download ASP.NET evaluation package and unzip
  2. Add "Aspper.aspnet.linearbarcode.dll" to your ASP.NET project reference
  3. Add "Aspnet.Linear" to Visual Studio toolbox using drag-and-drop implementation method
GS1-128 Size Setting Related Properties
Barcode parameters related to size is easy to be modified using # or VB.NET class library. .NET programmers are entitled to be modify the following properties provided the barcode is correctly composed.

Basic Size Setting

Resize --- Resize GS1-128 barcode if manual setting does not meet its barcode specification.
BarcodeHeight --- Modify GS1-128 barcode height using C#, VB.NET codes.
BarcodeWidth --- Modify EAN-128 width of the entire barcode image.
BarWidth_X --- Adjust the width of the barcode narrowest bar.
BarHeight_Y --- Customize the height of the GS1-128 barcode bar.
HoriBarAlignment --- Alignment of barcode. Valid values are Center, Left, and Right.
MeasurementUnit --- Modify unit of measure for GS1-128 barcode property. Valid values are Cm, Inch, and Pixel.

Margin Setting

BottomMargin --- Modify GS1-128 barcode top margin.
LeftMargin --- Using this property to set width of the barcode left margin of GS1-128.
RightMargin --- Set width of the GS1-128 barcode right margin using .NET barcode control.
TopMargin --- Using the parameter to adjust height of the GS1-128 barcode top margin.