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Barcode Image
Generate Dynamic EAN-13 Barcode Images using ASP.NET Barcode Library/SDK
Customize EAN-13 Barcode Image using Barcode Library with C# or VB.NET Class Library
Code Sample to Print Barcode Image Using EAN-13 ASP.NET Barcode Library
With EAN-13 ASP.NET Barcode Library, users could create and draw dynamic EAN-13 barcode with customized image by using C#.NET or VB.NET before printing. This web server control could be easily used in C#, VB.NET, Managed C++ and Delphi for .NET.
It is easy to modify barcode images, size and data in generated EAN-13 barcode using barcode generator for web application. This barcode also support barcode generation in IIS by using URL without Visual Studio.
EAN-13 Image Setting in Winforms with C#, VB.NET Class Library

Set up Requirements

This barcode generation library supports EAN-13 and EAN-13 2 or 5 digits add-on barcode generation on web application. Make sure the following items are installed on computer:

Download & Installation

EAN-13 ASP.NET barcode library is fully written in C#.NET 2005 and is fully integrated in .NET application. Aspper.com provide detailed tutorial on how to install and use barcode generator.
  1. Download ASP.NET free trial package and unzip
  2. Add "Aspper.aspnet.linearbarcode.dll" to your web project reference
  3. Add " Aspnet.Linear " to your Visual Studio toolbox then drag-and-drop it to web form
Properties Relating to EAN-13 Image Setting in ASP.NET
EAN-13 barcode generated could be drawn directly into graphics objects or printer devices in the highest possible resolution. Related barcode image properties please refer to:

Format of Image

ImageFormat --- Draw and print EAN-13 barcode images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats.
Resolution --- Set the barcode image resolution in DPI.
Rotation --- To rotate created EAN-13 barcode image in 0, 90, 180 or 270 degree.

Color of Image

BackColor --- Set the background color of the generated barcode.
ForeColor --- Set the foreground color of the generated EAN-13 barcode image.

Text of Image

DisplayText --- Enable or disable the human-readable interpretation under EAN-13 images.
TextColor --- To set human-readable interpretation color using C# & VB class library.
TextDistance --- Set space between the barcode symbol and its human-readable text.
TextFont --- Customize the character font style of the EAN-13 barcode human-readable text interpretation.