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Barcode Data
Code 128 Barcode Data Encoding using ASP.NET Barcode SDK
Code 128 Data Setting via C# or VB.NET Class Library using Barcode Generation SDK for ASP.NET
How to Encode Data in Barcode Code 128 Using ASP.NET Barcode Generator/SDK
Aspper.com provides powerful .NET barcode generation library to create Code 128 and Code 128A, Code 128B and Code 128C in web application with target data. This generation DLL is a Custom Server Control which is designed to print barcodes in ASP.NET Web Applications.
It is possible to create and print Code 128 with customized encoding data, size and image in Windows Forms applications and web application based on application standard.

Code 128 Size Encoding in Winforms- Barcode Data Encoding in Windows Forms
Code 128 Image Setting in Winforms - Generate Code 128 Barcode Image in Winforms
Code 128 Size Encoding in ASP.NET- Encode Data in Code 128 in ASP.NET application
Code 128 Image Setting in Web Site - Generate Code 128 Barcode Image in Web Form
Code 128 Data Encoded in ASP.NET using C#, VB.NET Codes

Set up Requirements

.NET users are able to generate and print dynamic Code 128 barcode images in web form and web applications in a reliable manner. It is easy to use this barcode generation SDK just make sure installation of following items is complete.

Download & Installation

Code 128 barcode data setting is easy using .NET barcode generation SDK in Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010. Aspper.com provides complete tutorial on how to install and use barcode control for ASP.NET.
  1. Download free ASP.NET evaluation package and unzip it
  2. Add "Aspper.aspnet.linearbarcode.dll" to your web project reference
  3. Add " Aspnet.Linear " to your Visual Studio toolbox then drag-and-drop it to web form
Relating Data Properties of Code 128
This page demonstrates all the properties related to barcode Code 128 data encoding. It is easy to set barcode target data parameters using .NET codes or change contents in property setting panel.

Barcode Type

LinearBarcode --- Set barcode type to Code 128.

Valid Character Set

EncodeData --- Set the encoding data according to specific requirement and should apply to ISO/IEC 646.

Code 128 Special

ApplicationIndicator --- Easy to use and specify the encoded Code 128 a GS1-128 barcode.

Apply Tilde

ApplyTilde --- Use the tilde character (~) to encode GS1 Application Identifiers.


Fnc1 --- Apply the FNC1 function to encode the GS1 compatible Code 128 in web application.