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Generates QR Code 2D barcodes in ASP.NET web projects with C#.NET and VB.NET Using ASP.NET Library
QR Code Barcode Library/SDK in ASP.NET - Overview
ASP.NET QR Code Bar Code Generator Control is designed for developers to generate dynamic QR Code barcode generating and printing functionalities into ASP.NET Web applications. This QR Code barcode control is able to create high quality QR Code barcode images for ASP.NET project templates. The QR Code barcode symbology is combined into a single and small barcode generator DLL file that can be easily redistributed without license keys and activation required. The generated QR Code barcode properties can be customized in ASP.NET Web applications as specific requirements.

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Aspper.com helps .NET programmers to generate most popular dynamic linear and 2D barcode images in ASP.NET applications using barcode library for ASP.NET with C# & VB codes.

Code 39, Code 128,EAN-13, GS1-128,UPC-A

Data Matrix,PDF-417
QR Code Barcode Generator for ASP.NET - Benefits
Aspper.com provides complete overview for ASP.NETsolution for generate dynamic QR Code barcode symbolgoy into .NET applications.
How to Generate Dynamic QR Code Barcodes on ASP.NET Web Applications

How to Create QR Code in ASP.NET Class in Visual Studio

  1. Add the barcode generator control to the ASP.NET Website project reference
  2. To generate QR Code barcodes, choose the QR Code 2D barcode control
  3. Copy the following sample code to your ASP.NET web site project
qrcode barcode = new qrcode();
barcode.Type = BarcodeType.QRCODE;
barcode.Data = "012345678912";

How to Setup and Generate QR Code on Web pages Using IIS

  1. Download the barcode control package and extract files from the package
  2. Copy the barcode folder to your IIS from the extracted package, and create a new directory named as QR Code
  3. Open your IIS, switch to the http://Domain:Port/barcode/qrcode.aspx?DATA=012345678912&TYPE=4
  4. Add a QR Code image tag to the ASP.NET web project, e.g. <img src="http://Domain:Port/barcode/qrcode.aspx?DATA=012345678912&TYPE=4"/>

How to Drag and Drop QR Code ASP.NET Control DLL in Visual Studio

  1. Install the barcode generator control to the ASP.NET web project and add it to the Toolbox
  2. Add the "qrcode.aspx" and "qrcode.aspx.cs" to the folder to create QR Code under your ASP.NET website project
  3. Drag and drop the QR Code Web Form to the aspx web forms in the ASP.NET website project
  4. Debug the ASP.NET website to view the QR Code 2D barcode image