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Complete Information for Adding Barcoding Features of QR Code in Microsoft Excel by Using Add-In
Brief Introduction of QR Code Barcode Add-In

Excel Versions Support

With this Excel barcode generator add-in software, you can create and insert Code 128 in Excel, Data Matrix in Excel, Code 39 in Excel, PDF-417 in Excel, and other linear, 2d barcode in Excel. Aspper Excel Add-In is a comprehensive and advanced plug-in which supports generating not only QR CodeE barcode but also other popular linear and 2D barcodes in Excel 2007 and 2010.

Flexile Size Setting

Due to the flexible design of Excel Add-in, users could easily customize the properties of created QR Code; among them are height, width, bar alignment, quiet zone as well as the margin setting.

Image Support

QR Code generated by barcode Add-in in Excel shall be considered as conforming with the International Standard and supporting the features defined in ISO / IEC 18004 (2nd edition 2006-09-01). Barcode rotation in 4 angles is allowed of the created images, namely 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree.
QR Code Special

Tilde Option of QR Code

The tilde character "~" that is used to specify special characters in the input data could be easily applied if users set "EnableTilde" property to true.

Data Mode & ECL Option of QR Code

"QRCodeDataMode" property could be used to encode data in 6 different data modes and the "QRCodeVersion" property helps you encode data in 40 format versions of QR Code. GS1 compatible QR Code barcode could be created if you set “FNC1Mode” to FNC1.

Row & Column Count Setting

The properties help users set the numbers of the columns and rows for QR Code. The valid value of "ColumnCount" ranges from 1 to 30 and the "RowCount" ranges from 3 to 90.
QR Code Generation in Excel 2007 and 2010 by Using Add-In

Create a QR Code Barcode or Barcode list in Excel

Single QR Code barcode image could be created easily in Excel 2007 and 2010. Activate the "Add-Ins" tab, and then decide the barcode type and data that should be encoded. Now barcode image will be created in the certain cell where the cursor located after you clicking the "Generate" button.
And barcode list or catalogues generation is supported by this Excel Add-in, the selected cells are converted into the required barcodes with a single click. Users are able to change barcode images by setting the properties of the panel, update will be completed by clicking "Update" button.

Link single or Multiple Barcodes to Cell

Users could create dynamically linking single barcode as well as multiple barcodes with the content in the Excel spreadsheet. First generate the barcode and then click the “link to cell", select a cell with content, and then click the “update" button. Data that encoded in the created barcode images will be changed dynamically in the created barcode images. "Cancel" button helps you to undo the process.
To create dynamically linking multiple barcodes, users need to repeat the steps above and just click the "update link to cell" to update the created barcode images.